Best White Mechanical Keyboards In 2020 (Top-Rated Keyboards)

Are you struggling to find the best white mechanical keyboards?

You came to the right place then.

Mechanical keyboards are a great option to boost your productivity and gaming performance.

Mechanical keyboards use spring instead of rubber domes (used in an ordinary keyboard) and have those gratifying clickety-click keys.

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding a “Good” white mechanical keyboard isn’t an easy job.

That is why we have created a list of Best White Mechanical Keyboards of 2020. I have shortlisted the top 12 mechanical keyboards which you can buy right now.

Best White Mechanical Keyboards 2020

Top-Rated White Mechanical Keyboards Comparison Table
Product Name
1. EagleTec KG011
2. Redragon K552W-RGB
4. Rottay 16.8 Million
5. ROSEWILL Gaming Keyboard
6. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
7. Redragon K550W
8. E-Element Z-88
9. E-Element Z-88 (White)
10. Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL W
11. I-Rocks Crystal USB Keyboard
12. Granvela Mechanical Eagle Z-77

A few days back, my brother was demanding for a gaming keyboard. As he is a tech fanatic and loves various types of gadgets, he remains glued to his devices.

I do also like to try different sorts of gadgets and especially the lastest gears that are launched recently in the market. So, to fulfill my brother’s wish, I was searching for the best white mechanical keyboards as he is a white lover and almost all his gaming devices are in white.

Guess what I noticed there are a variety of such consoles available in the market. And from those keyboards today I would like to share a few product reviews of mechanical keyboards, the latest hit in the world of technology. But before I start, let me tell you or share with you something.

If you are a kind of serious gamer or a die-hard fan of playing games or you type a lot, and it is your favorite past time, then you seriously need to look for this genre of mechanical consoles. Or if you are someone who likes the old school setups with modern-day technology, then you need to get familiar or intimate with this genre of keyboards.

Best White Mechanical Keyboards

This type of consoles have become extremely popular for gaming & typing, and because it has got some specialties, unlike other consoles. They are hardy in comparison to their counterparts, they have got better quality materials and can type more precisely as well as briskly if compared with the keyboards that are quite common in the market.

This mechanical console offers an exact palpable response whenever you are using it and has got comparatively high speed accompanied with accuracy. And if you are willing to purchase such a keyboard so I will provide you with a user guide that can surely help you out while buying this type of manuals.

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Before purchasing such products you need to conduct thorough research but without proper survey or analysis of the products you might indulge yourself with a wrong product, and the possibility may happen that the gadget might not solve your purpose for which you have intended to use the item.

You need to be very much careful, especially when you are planning to purchase a gadget or electronic item as you are spending good bucks of your hard-earned money. So, dear readers, go through the list of reviews so that it will help you to buy the right mechanical keyboard.

1. EagleTec KG011


It is not an ordinary keyboard EagleTec KG011 is a wired Ergonomic Keyboard with 104 illuminated LED lights. Due to the bluish color nature, this keyboard can be operated without any external source of light. It is sleek and has a stylish aluminum casing which makes it adorable for buyers to buy.


Features of EagleTec KG011

  • Crystal bright blue LED backlighting helps to make the keys visible even in darkness and guess what this can be an advantage for low light users or gamers.
  • The customized mechanical keys crafted to provide durability as well as longevity to the user. This feature makes the console perfect for prolonged use, especially for gaming.
  • The console also has a set of full numeric keys, and moreover, the keys are splash-proof and water-resistant.
  • Its sleek design with high-quality aluminum casing will allure the buyer to use it.
  • It has got twelve multimedia buttons.
  • Its unique feature allows arrow keys and WASD tabs to interchange with each other.


  • It is durable.
  • This keyboard is crafted to withstand approximately around 30 million keystrokes.
  • It has got an attractive look that can jab you to buy the product.
  • The sharp blue LED lighting provides clear visibility.
  • Do not let any dribble disturb you or interrupt you from your game and for Eagle Tec KG011.


  • This product has got a bad review in terms of noise. It is a bit noisy than its traditional counterparts.
  • It may give a pinch in your pocket.

2. Redragon K552W-RGB


The Redragon is one the best white mechanical keyboards with rgb lighting, offers a keyboard with better durability and responsiveness. The keyboard provides you a very minimal resistance for keystrokes, zero or no keystroke sound as well. Redragon K552W-RGB has been tested with more than 50 million keystrokes, which makes it a perfect match for gaming and excessive typewriting.


Features Of Redragon K552W-RGB

  • This console consists of eighty-seven mechanical keys that are anti-ghosting or conflict-free. It allows users to use twelve multimedia keys. And while using it, you can feel its non-slip fitting and a sleek design body.
  • It is supported by a splash-proof design that enables users to adopt or utilize the product without any hassle.
  • You can notice another exciting feature that is the product supports eighteen different forms of RGB lighting and guess what it allures you to buy the product.
  • You can utilize Redragon K552W-RGB KUMARA for Windows10, Windows XP, Mac, Windows8 as well as Windows7 version.
  • K552W-RGB is a perfect mechanical keyboard for office and home use.
  • The switches of Redragon are of the highest and top quality, tested for 50 million keystrokes.


  • While using it, you get a feel of using a high-end keyboard with great accuracy and smoothness.
  • For this product, I can say reliable and affordable are the two appropriate adjectives that can be used to define this console.
  • The water-resistant or splash-proof feature will not let you worry when you accidentally spill water or tea on your keyboard.
  • The heavy casing of the item can make you relax if you even get some bruises.


  • If you are fond of using lightweight keyboards, then this one is not for you as it has got heavyweight.
  • There may be a piece of bad news for gamers as micro keys are not present in this console that can make gaming a bit difficult.



The Corsair K70 offers its users a unique experience of high-performance gaming and use. It has been designed explicitly using aircraft grade aluminum frames, which makes it the perfect one to withstand heavy usage. It’s rapid key switching with a blistering fast actuation of 1.2 nm makes it’s a perfect match for game enthusiasts.


Features Of Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

While talking about features or specifications, this product has got a whole lot of products. Let’s take a look.

  • You can witness an unlimited change of color with great RGB lighting. This white mechanical keyboard will glow when you use it.
  • CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 has got the standard size, and NUM pad included within the case.
  • It has got a USB 2.0 interface that is useful for any wired connectivity.
  • This white mechanical gaming keyboard crafted from a high-grade anodized aluminum frame that can support your heavy use.
  • It has got a weight of around 2.76 Pounds.
  • Corsair has a solid built quality & beautiful design.


  • This keyboard model from CORSAIR supports iCUE software that helps or enables different macro programming options, supports a variety of including coolers and many more.
  • It also facilitates total lighting simultaneity.
  • It has got extensive switching options.
  • Guess what the RGB lighting option will help to provide you with an excellent illumination option.


  • At times the keyboard may disappoint you with typing sound.
  • This product is a bit costly in comparison to its traditional counterparts.

4. Rottay 16.8 Million


This rottay keyboard has more than 16 million RGB lighting customizations available. It definitely lights up your gaming experiences in the night. Nine lighting modes, 13 backlit modes make it more appealing for gamers. The most amazing feature of this keyboard is, how much fast you play or type in, every keystroke will be registered due to its pure anti-ghost technology.


Features Of Rottay 16.8 Million

This product has got some unique features that can captivate buyers. Let’s check the specifications of this product.

  • It features a powerful RGB lighting system that rightly backs the name of this keyboard. This lighting system gives an enduring look as well as it provides visibility in darkness.
  • This item is less noisy if you compare it with other mechanical keyboards.
  • This product consists of a hundred and four keys in total and guesses what you can enjoy an anti-ghosting aspect with high speed and accuracy.
  • The crucial double cap designing ensures that the characters last for long tenure and never fades away.
  • It comes with 9 lighting modes, 13 preloaded backlit modes, and 5sets of lighting modes.


  • It has got an anti-ghosting aspect that makes flawless typing and enhances speed.
  • If you try to compare the product in terms of price, then I can say that it is less expensive.
  • The bright lights give an alluring look to the product.
  • The switches of this console are replaceable.
  • It has a spill-resistant design.


  • This white keyboard lacks smooth edges, and so the sides appear to be rough.
  • It does not ensure reasonable volume control.

5. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Razer-Black-Widow-X-Chroma White Mechanical Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow is the latest and trending high-performance white gaming keyboard in the line of Razer’s mechanical keyboards. Its pure responsiveness gives you unique gaming experience with high durability and ultra-polling. This keyboard has the resistance for more than 80 million keystrokes and lets you use 8-10 commands at a time with perfection.


Features Of Razer Black Widow X Chroma

  • Razer mechanical switching tops the list of features of this keyboard. This method of switching ensures an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • 16.8 million color choices it will offer with the backlighting of the keys. This feature is simply amazing.
  • It enables you to sync or pair all your Razer Black peripherals as a result of which you can notice all your hardware coming to life.
  • With this keyboard, you can enjoy spectrum settings.


  • Spectrum settings is an alluring advantage of this console. For this, you will simply love it.
  • The design is simple but elegant.
  • You can experience a flawless working as well as gaming speed.
  • The crystal clear, backlit keys make the gadget convenient to use.


  • But if you consider the disadvantages, then I will tell you that this keyboard has no media bar and this makes the product less likely to be used for gaming.
  • This product is heavy and can make you feel a little bit uncomfortable for use.

6. ROSEWILL Gaming Keyboard

ROSEWILL Gaming Keyboard

The Rosewill keyboard offers its users the utmost comfort for excessive gaming and long typing. It is fully customizable, offering you a variety of lighting enhancements. Its detachable wrist and palm sections make it more fruitful for longer use. It’s premium finishing gives you a great feeling while using this keyboard.


Features Of Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

  • For gamers, this can become an advantage because this product supports different switch types.
  • The beautifully illuminated keys help it becoming correctly visible.
  • The sleek and beautiful design of this white mechanical keyboard will allow you with a detachable palm and wrist resting option that can help you with comfort if you work for long.
  • It has got advanced multimedia keys that can allow you to control volume form the keyboard itself.


  • The mesmerizing LED lighting acts as an added advantage along with its other features.
  • This product is highly customizable.
  • You can enjoy a variety of key or switching options with this console.
  • Another unique feature of this product is braided wires that provide longevity.


  • But apart from its varieties of advantages, it is costly, and so you need to spend a few extra bucks.
  • Unlike other products, the marking s on the keyboard may fade away causing trouble to you.

7. Redragon K550W

Redragon K550W

The Redragon K550W has more than 130 mechanical keys, with 12 macro keys which are 100% programmable. It has customized backlit, and the whole keyboard is illuminated with high-quality RGB led lights. This keyboard is made up of aluminum which is of an aircraft grade. 18 Backlit modes, 5 different backlit brightness levels make it the ultimate choice for game lovers.


Features Of Redragon K550W

  • It has got five variety of backlighting modes.
  • The console consists of around one hundred and thirty-one primary keys along with twelve macro keys.
  • This white keyboard consists of a non-removable USB cable.
  • You can enjoy a wrist support option with this gaming console.


  • It has got a less glowing or crucial shiny feature, and for this, your eyes remain unaffected.
  • It has a wrist rest option along with floating keys.
  • You can enjoy the high speed and accuracy.


  • The lighting option is available only in the gaming mode.
  • You can find difficulty in operating multimedia keys.

8. E-Element Z-88

E-Element Z-88

This keyboard launched its finest and latest innovation recently, introducing the newest version of pluggable switching functionality. Having anti-ghosting technology, this keyboard gives you 5 spare switches for replacements in the future, if needed. Independent key switching lets its users experience optimum gaming performances. It also has a USB connector which is gold plated and makes it more robust.


Features Of E-Element Z-88

  • The console consists of around a hundred and four keys, and here you can enjoy the anti-ghosting functionality.
  • If you are a gamer, then this keyboard is for you because of every key here is regulated by independent switches, ensuring a fast response.
  • Guess what in this keyboard you can control the lighting system. You can help yourself to change the color of the lights as per your wish.


  • You can manually operate the brightness as well as the speed with this white RGB mechanical keyboard.
  • It has got the option of detachable USB cable.
  • Another fascinating fact you can enjoy here is the option of Cherry Stabilizer.


  • Here I would like to provide you with an honest review that the quality of the key switch may not satisfy you and trust me. I have not been able to find it convincing.
  • You will not get any software to control the lighting modes.

9. E-Element Z-88 (White)

E-Element Z-88 (White)

This white keyboard offers pure responsiveness and gives you unique gaming experience with high durability and it is the best in its class. It offers a crystal clear backlighting with its double shot injection technique. Whether be it gaming or long use of writing, E-Element Z-88 is one of the best white keybords.


Features Of E-Element Z-88 (White)

  • The bright white color, along with RGB LED keyboard lighting, gives the product an enticing look that can tickle you to buy the product.
  • The product crafted from a top-class metal material that provides durability.
  • The white gaming keyboard is suitable for Windows10, Windows XP, Mac, Windows8 as well as Windows7 version.


  • The sleek design of the product is alluring.
  • I want to suggest this product in case you are searching for a keyboard based on the look. It allows a gold plated USB cable port.
  • The keys are durable in nature.


  • While using or taking out the key switch, you might need to apply force, and I think it might damage the gadget.

10. Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL W

Tesoro Gram TS G11 SFL-W

Tesoro recently introduced its flagship keyboard, “Gram” Spectrum, which features the first-ever agile mechanical switch. This is the only keyboard which has introduced this feature. It definitely offers the ultimate actuation technique for high-speed accuracy and responsiveness. The Gram spectrum gives you an unmatched performance with the best design.


Features Of Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL W

  • This mechanical keyboard ensures a unique agile technology that you cannot find in its counterparts.
  • This console consists of an alluring macro backlighting option.
  • It designed and built with strong peripherals.
  • Sleek and Unique design is an essential feature of this product that you can enjoy.


  • Customizable lighting option is an added advantage that you can receive from this product.
  • The beautiful design will also attract you to have this product in your house.
  • With this product, you can ensure speed, accuracy as well as smoothness.


  • It can make you spend extra bucks.
  • The typing sound at times may annoy you.

11. I-Rocks Crystal USB Keyboard

I-Rocks Crystal USB Keyboard

The I-Rock Crystal keyboard comes with a compact set of keys, crafted with perfection, heavy-duty caps and cool looking feature. Its weight makes it stable in its place and doesn’t move along. Keystroking is fun and quiet at the same time which gives the user a good experience while using it in the middle of everyone without any inconveniences.


Features Of I-Rocks Crystal USB Keyboard

  • It has got around twenty-six keys in the central area of the keyboard and guesses what the anti-ghosting feature makes it easy to use.
  • It has got a polished design that can look elegant in your room.
  • To enhance the quality of the keys, the company has ensured a PBT keycap.
  • You can plug and play at any time and guess what you will not require any type of driver.


  • You can buy this keyboard at an affordable price.
  • The keys are specially crafted to support gaming.
  • If you use this keyboard, you can ensure a quick response.


  • This keyboard may be prone to get damaged because of the acrylic cases.
  • You may not fully utilize the FN keys.

12. Granvela Mechanical Eagle Z-77

Granvela Mechanical Eagle Z-77 White Mechanical Keyboards

This mechanical keyboard is fully customizable in terms of color as well as functioning. It has been designed with the latest rapid switching technology which gives an extra edge to its performance and styling as well. Anti-ghosting technology gives an independent switching feature. This keyboard also features multi-colored backlit which makes it much easier for the user in dark environments.


Features Of Granvela Mechanical Eagle Z-77

  • One of the unique features of this white mechanical keyboard is it’s doing it yourself aspect. Here you can replace all the switches by yourself.
  • You can ensure a beautifully illuminated keyboard.
  • The multi-color backlit feature makes the product unique.
  • The keys to this product can withstand around fifty million strokes.
  • It has got a sleek and alluring design.


  • Multicolor backlighting makes this mechanical keyboard attractive.
  • The keys are durable.
  • The anti-ghosting aspect will make you fall in love with the product.


  • The sound of typing may get loud.
  • The back-lights are good but may appear to be dull in comparison to their counterparts.

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How will you select a mechanical keyboard?

While you intend to purchase a mechanical console either for gaming or for the official purpose, you need to consider the following aspects.

  • Anti-Ghosting Keys – Make sure that the console you select supports anti-ghosting feature anti-ghosting feature. This is an essential aspect because when you type multiple keys at a time, your computer may misinterpret it. And the keys of a mechanical one does not interfere with one another. This enables a smooth user experience.
  • Sound or Noise Of Keys – In an automated console, you might encounter with comparatively loud typing sound. If you do not mind to adjust with such noise, then you may opt for one.
  • Warranty and Lifespan – Do not forget to check the lifespan as well as the warranty offered by the company. Generally, the lifespan of this type of keyboard is 50 million strokes, which is quite good, but if you are not satisfied with it pay some extra bucks for the higher model.

To conclude, I will suggest you replace your traditional one with a white mechanical keyboard.

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