Top Desk Organization Tips From The Pros [Quick & Easy Guide]

Did you know that you end up spending a lot more time unnecessarily working on a disorganized desk than actually cleaning and organizing your desk?. The occasional moving and shifting things around on your desk doesn’t count as desk organization.

Not only does an organized desk make your workplace look neat and clean, but it also provides you with a sense of order and calm as well as gives you an instant productivity boost.

Desk organization might seem like a time-consuming activity, but in hindsight, it helps you save the time that would be otherwise wasted trying to sort and find things out when you need them the most.

This article will give you a few pro tips that will help you organize your desk and your workspace better.

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Desk Organization Tips from the Pros.

These tips will help you be more organized and productive at work and will improve your efficiency.

Clean everything off your desk

This is a great place to start with the desk organization process. Take everything off your desk. If you see dust being gathered on your desk, wipe it off with a clean cloth. Declutter your stuff and put the remaining things back to their original place or in a place where they are easy to find.


Take an empty box and start throwing everything that you don’t use but are still consuming the space on your office desk. Target one area of your desk at a time.

Do not be in a dilemma if a thing does not work or needs to be repaired just throw it out. Throw out the old furniture, electronic equipment and everything that no longer provides any utility to you.

Put the things back to their place.

If anything is displaced, pick it up and put it back where it is supposed to be at the very moment where you lay your hands on the thing, equipment, device, tool, file photo frame, etcetera. Do not delay this talk at any cost.

Create a work zone

Decide the type of activity or work you do in the specific area of your desk or your workstation. Place all the required equipment, tools, and devices in the designated work area so that they are easy to find when they are needed. You can also color your labels or stickers for this process.

Everything should be within your reach.

Organize all the things that you frequently use in a manner that they are easy to get your hands on and within reach of your hands.

Labeling is underrated

Labeling is a great practice for desk organization; it helps you locate and find things easily. Using color-coded labels is even more useful when it comes to organizing a huge heap of files and documents, and it leaves very little room for displacement or confusion.

Redo your filing system

As a huge part of our work is done digitally, the heap of paperwork or the files and documents have significantly decreased. Duplicating your digital files is a great safety precaution; also, all your files must be backed up from time to time so that you don’t end up losing your data.

Organize your desktop and drawer

For this process, you can use organization containers or boxes that are easily available in markets as well as online. Use pen holders, boxes for file organization.

Make it a point to fix things on your desktop at the end of your workday every day. Place all the related items in a single drawer and use a separate drawer for your personal items and snacks.

Declutter the pile of papers

If a pile of paper is gathered on your freshly cleaned desk, make it a point to sort it out as soon as possible instead of just shoving it in one of the desk drawers. Sort the papers or the files out and put them in an appropriate place.

Declutter your mails

If you receive many emails make sure they don’t pile up on your desk. Sort them out as soon as possible, read them, respond to them as soon as possible.

Discard things on time

Do not keep things lying on your desk for an indefinite period; assign discard dates to your files and documents so that they don’t pile up and consume the space on your desktop.

Final Words

Organizing your desk is not a one-time thing. You have to make sure that you keep your workspace or your desk clean on a daily basis. This practice helps you to be disciplined and organized at work.

Ensure that you keep your desktop as decluttered as possible, only keep the things that are absolutely necessary on your desktop. Keep it as spacious as possible; this will help you concentrate and focus a lot better at work.

The rest of the things that you require at work can be stored in the drawers or the cabinets of your desk. The placement of things on your desk should be in such a manner that everything is easy to get your hands on, and at the same time, you don’t end up knocking things off your desk while you try to get your hands on something.

If your workspace is heavily cluttered it is likely that this chaos and confusion is likely to reflect in your work as well. To prevent this from happening and have a sense of calm, control, and disciple at work, desk organization, is of utmost importance.

We hope you find the tips provided in this article to be useful and practical. The most important thing one has to remember is that organizing and cleaning your desk is a daily effort and discipline.

You can get away by doing it once or twice a year. Make sure that you dust your desk while you clean it so that you do not inhale the dust particles while working. Hope you have a great time organizing your desk.